Real Talk Friday: The Importance of Community Service

Community Service is a fundamental part of a high school career! Plus, it is a requirement by the State of Michigan and the Board of Education that you have at least 200 clock hours of community service. Community Service will look good not only on your resume, but on your college portfolio. It shows colleges that you are willing to give back to the community.
Anyone can do community service if they put their mind to it. Simple things, like helping your elder around their house and participating in a cancer walk are all forms of community service. 
Examples of community service would be: 

  • Volunteering 
  • Organizing Food and Penny Drives
  • Organizing Charity Events
  • Assisting the Elderly 
  • Participating in Soup Kitchen 
  • Youth Outreach in Church
  • Summer Jobs 

It is best to do summer jobs because you would have accumulated more than 200 clock hours by the time you have reached senior year. Be a good Samaritan and volunteer!! 


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